A place filled with love and kindness…

Every so often we hear from one of the hundreds of children who started their learning path at Mis Amigos. We love to see our former students succeeding! Helen, 14, is one such former student who came back to Mis Amigos last summer to volunteer at the school. She shared some memories from her preschool days at Mis Amigos:

When I walked in through the doors [last summer as a volunteer], many of my childhood memories came rushing back. This made me smile. After seeing familiar classrooms my first words were always, ‘Oh I remember that!’ There are a lot of positive vibes at Mis Amigos.

One of my favorite memories from when I was a preschooler at Mis Amigos is when we did the performances in the gym. I remember I was dressed as a ladybug singing the song ‘De Colores’!

I would describe Mis Amigos as a very welcoming family place that is able to teach any child about the Spanish language and culture. They create many fun activities for children to experience. Mis Amigos is a place filled with love and kindness.

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