Mayra, La Musica

Let me introduce you to Maestra Mayra, or as the kids call her “La Musica”. She has been a teacher at Mis Amigos since 2003 and music class is her passion. The kids and teachers both look forward to music class with Mayra. They learn songs related to our weekly theme and they get to move their bodies in fun and new ways. The music class is one of the many things that makes Mis Amigos such a special place! Schedule a tour and see for yourself.

If you’d like to get a taste of what it is like to be in her class, you can join your child for a weekly class at the kiddywampus store in Hopkins. A new class starts Tuesday – there are 4 spots still available in this class for 0-3 year olds with their caregiver. Call the store at 952-926-7871 to reserve your spot!

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